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A HUGE thank you to all who have contributed and helped along the way. Outstanding work!

The Story Behind The Run

The Story Behind The Run
Matt and Chris
The Story Behind The Run
On the 1st October 2009 Chris Taaffe's (28) life was literally turned upside down!

Chris was involved in a serious motorbike accident which left him in a coma for many weeks. He is a very good friend of mine and I, and his many friends, found this very hard to cope with especially as five or six weeks earlier he and I were canoeing in the Lake District blissfully unaware of what the future had in store.

Thanks to the rapid response of the East Anglian Air Ambulance he was given the best possible chance of surviving his horrific crash. The first 24 hours were crucial and everyone waited with baited breath to hear any news. It is impossible to imagine what his family went through that night. Chris was flown to Addenbrookes Critical Care Unit in Cambridge where he was given round-the-clock care and treatment by the best possible team of experts. He was there for a few months and then moved to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and then to the Colman centre for Specialist Neurological Rehabilitation. He is still there now and progressing well thanks to the amazing rehabilitation scheme and care that is in place for him.
I am writing this to ask for your help. I need to raise local support and awareness for my run in August/September from John o' Groats to Lands End to raise money for the three main organisations that helped get Chris through his ordeal. Without the expertly trained staff and medical teams involved in the organisation many people, including Chris, would die or have little chance of recovery. It's time to give something back.

I am an experienced runner having completed two London Marathons, I've also run Hadrian's wall (Newcastle to Carlisle) and now I plan to run the length of Britain to raise a significant amount of money to keep the Air Ambulance, Addenbrookes and the Colman Centre open for those suffering now and for those who may suffer in the future.

The run will be long, tough and emotions will run high but with your help and the help and determination of the six volunteers who are providing back up and planning, the goal will be achieved and we will raise many thousands of pounds to save lives...........................maybe even yours.

If you can help to promote or sponsor this worthy cause or provide funding towards the cost of the venture, I and my team will be very grateful indeed.

To donate please use the buttons on this page or send a cheque using the information provided.

Many many thanks


Job Done....

Monday 13th September at 12:19

Matt crossed the finish line at Land's End!

After 28.5 days and no days off!
He had a small deputation to greet him and was interviewed on radio Norfolk just before 1PM.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday 25th August- Dry at Last!

At last, a dry night and a drier morning. Tents dry, de-mudded and packed away.  Matt had a restful night in the B&B.  Thank you to K Johnson at Glenae, Ewenfield, Crief for looking after Matty so well and giving us a discount. I would highly recommend staying there if you are ever in the are, the house is ~GEORGOUS!  And up for sale if anyone is interested!!

Matty paraded for inspection this morning after his cooked breakfast and yet another cold/hot bath treatment. His blisters are remarkably good and healing well. His swollen ankle is not so swollen  and his shins hardly bother him at all.  However, his muscles are still quite stiff, but as he was almost fell running yesterday and not on a flat surface, only to be expected really.  He is still having problems with his left knee, which has been the cause of all his other injuries, but on the whole he has improved and is looking good.  If sheer grit and determination had anything to do with it, Matty would be at Land's End today!

He's having a 'rest' day today and only doing 15 miles or so...then another 30 tomorrow.  We are playing it by ear and taking one day at a time.  In total we are only a day behind schedule so that's very good.

Jan and I had a 'busy' evening as the campsite we had booked did not mention that they didn't allow cars to be parked next to tents, and the car park was about 250 yards away!  I tried to tell him we were not 'on holiday'  and that ALL our equipment was in the Landrover and it was impossible to transport everything by hand, and also, what we were doing and why, but he would have none of it...the final straw was when he said he would get a 'man' to help carry the stuff, I told him to stick it and we'd go elsewhere!  (I was tired......) We happened to find a lovely sight about a mile or two down the road called West Lodge.  I would highly recommend this site.  The owners couldn't have been more helpful and even offered to dry one our tents under their canopy for us. (they were still soaking and dripping from the previous morning).  Everything there you could need, nice showers, laundry facilities, all kept clean and in order.  I'd definitely go back again.

I'm still waiting for a WiFi connection to upload more photos, so please be patient, they are in the pipeline.  My mobile phone is perfect for keeping you up to date but doesn't have the speed for picture takes AGES!

Well peeps, Matt should arrive soon at his ten mile mark, so I will sign off and get his lunch and drinks ready...seen you all soon......


  1. Sounds like you should get a job as a hotel inspector!! Glad everyone is ok and in good spirits. Keep up the good work not long left now r kid!!

  2. Its wet wet wet here tonight !! I dont mind as long as you are all dry and ok !
    Hope Mattys run was less painful today and he is having a good rest tonight. Rooting for you Matty !!
    We will send the rescue helicopter for Jan in a few days if she hasnt started out yet !! Her journey home will be a lot wine etc to take back !!
    Love to all.
    Joey Franny & Mutts xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (camping in Old Buck !!)

  3. Hi we agree wet, wet, wet! looking forward to spending some time with you next week feels like we have not seen you in ages! hope it stays dry, will be Maisies first camping trip! How exiting. Bye for now.
    Kelly n Nick xx